Intellectual property:  Our ELISA test is covered by a series of worldwide registered and pending patents licensed to Neurogenic by Yeda Inc., of the Weizmann Institute. The inventors in these patents are Michael Deckmann and Meir Shinitzky.


Auto-immune system and schizophrenia:  Schizophrenia, considered by many as the most devastating disease of mankind, affects about 1% of the worldwide population. The onset of the disease is generally during  adolescence, while its etiology remains unclear. We, as well as others, have proposed an auto-immune etiology in at least one group of patients. Accordingly, schizophrenia is initiated as an auto-immune disease against platelets.  As long as the blood-brain-barrier(BBB) remains intact, the auto-immune anti-platelet reaction will only affect the platelet counts, like in other auto-immune reactions against platelets (e.g. thrombocytopenia purpura). However, it  will remain dormant as far as mental aberrations are concerned.  It is hypothesized that upon permeation of the BBB (e.g. upon mental stress or viral infection) the anti-platelet auto-antibodies will penetrate the brain and will cross react with the dopamine receptors, displaying sharp mental deviations.